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Clinically driven, evidence-based fun.

Clinically driven. Evidence-based engagement.

We develop creative technological solutions for Healthcare and Educational industries.

LittleSeed creates tools designed to tackle healthcare and educational needs with patients and learners in mind; made easy for you as a clinician, educator, administrator, or caregiver. 

VR Simulations
iOS Applications
Web-Based Virtual Trainings
Anxiety Reducing VR Games for Children
Training for Healthcare Professionals

Voyager is a VR experience designed to help with your patient’s anxiety throughout various outpatient procedures.


Explore the grounds where the Fort Ancient people lived, when they lived there. Explore the entire village site and watch their world as it was over 1000 years ago.


Have your patient visit the zoo in this anxiety reducing app that engages young patients in a variety of games, puzzles and more

Our Goals

What's important to us at LittleSeed.

Novel Technologies

We use forefront technology that not only makes sense for the needs of high end requirements, but also works for you as a provider.

Clinical Measurement

Our cutting edge technology makes taking clinical measurements engaging for your patient and simple for you.

Clinical Reporting

With our platforms you can track every aspect of your patient’s care and have it automatically transferred into accessible reports.