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we get it.

anesthesia is kinda scary.

but EZ is here
to make fear fade into the background.

EZ Induction

is an app designed to decrease pediatric patients’ anxiety preoperatively and during anesthesia induction.

Have your patient visit the zoo in this anxiety reducing app that engages young patients in a variety of games, puzzles and more. Filled with charming zoo creatures, your patient will quickly forget about their procedure as they play as a rollerskating elephant, search the zoo for fun interactable items, and play mini-games and more. EZ Induction features breath control to help your patient control their breathing and lower their anxiety.

Anxiety Reduction
Fun games
Easy to use
EZ Induction helps the child acclimate to wearing the anesthesia mask and provides a fun zoo-themed story to help engage the child in the process of falling asleep with anesthesia.




Using a tablet-based app, 3-D animated characters take kids on an interactive journey through the zoo.

Breathing Sensor

A breathing sensor (built into the tablet case) is used to detect when the child breaths into the anesthesia mask. Gaming challenges are won by breathing into the anesthesia mask.

Quick Setup

Easy and quick set-up that won’t interfere with your practice.

EZ Induction builds on technology licensed by LittleSeed Calming Technologies, LLC (a LittleSeed company) from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and invented by Dr. Abby Hess, Clinical Researcher, Nurse Practitioner, in the Cincinnati Children’s Department of Anesthesiology and Assistant Professor with UC College of Nursing.