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What it looks like to work with LittleSeed



Welcome to working with LittleSeed! Our team sits down with yours, and we start discussion. The sky’s the limit at this phase. Our content experts will hear and take note of all your ideas, figure out your goals and plans, and start sketching out various avenues so we can all come to the best solution together.



Our concept team will take the work done during brainstorming and start putting it to paper. This is where we will start sending product pitches, storyboards and scripts for your approval. We want your feedback during every stage of planning and it’s especially crucial during this phase as everything can be easily changed to fit your goals best! Once we have reached a point where everyone is happy, then we will put together final documentation that lays out very clearly the flow, mechanics, visuals, and more.




This is where the fun begins. Whether the product is a VR game, an iOS application, web-based simulation, etc, we start the building blocks. Our developers will start by putting together a working prototype and our artists start creating assets we need to make the experience beautiful. Development is the heftiest part of our process but it is also where you finally start seeing your final product come to life. While we won’t bore you with the details of code-writing and photoshop files, you will get regular updates that include videos of how your application is looking and running during the various checkpoints in development.


Testing and Market Research

Finally to testing! We will send you working applications and experiences that you can run through end-to-end and give us all sorts of feedback that our team will quickly address. Does the game look perfect but you just want different music in the intro scene? No problem. This is also the part of the process where we can begin market research if your product requires it. Our team has experience with getting the product to your audience and having diverse groups offer up and feedback.




Breathe easy because it’s time for circulation! Your product is developed to fit your needs and goals, it looks polished and runs smoothly. It’s been tested by both you and groups of individuals, and it’s ready to go out into the world and live a life of its own. Our team will work with you on marketing options, packaging designs, and more.