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Anesthetic free, hands-free.

Voyager is a VR experience designed to help with your patient’s anxiety throughout various outpatient procedures. They can play mini-games, interact with fun fantasy animals, and take in the beachy peaceful surroundings! Voyager is a completely hands free experience for the patient and it fits into the process of both long and short procedures.

Things to do!


The Beach

Take a a peaceful ride on a boat through the bay, taking in the sights, interacting with characters and choosing mini-games!

Crab Game

Help the crabs fight back against their mortal enemies, the seagulls, in this fast-paced game for action lovers.


Something more chill your style? In the underwater game you'll help the pirates find their lost treasure, all while listening to peaceful ambient music.


Take flight while helping the dragon light the torches in the beach. Use breath to blow fire!

Meet the Pico Headset.

Already pre-loaded with Voyager, the Pico is comfortable, fast and easy to use. Just charge it up and hand it to your patient.

All in one box.

In the box you'll find the Pico Headset pre-loaded with Voyager, a quick-start guide, and other goodies for your patient: like stickers, who doesn't like stickers?


The LittleSeed Dashboard is the one-stop to run and control Voyager.

Our dashboard brings all the controls to one place so busy healthcare professionals waste no valuable time getting the experience set up. Pair the headset, easily start and stop the games, and securely track patient progress all in one place. The dashboard even features a live view of what the patient is seeing, making it a great device to hand off to parents or caregivers so they can participate with their child (and be less worried about their child’s procedure!)


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